Golden Hands Tattoo

People with passion

Custom tattoo designs

We are doing our best to provide to all of our customers the best visions and performance. No project is too hard or too complicated for us. The designs that we are doing are not only unique, they also contain a part of us, we want to show to the World.


Skilled proffesional artists

The Studio’s crew is composed of a highly experienced artist with a wide range of different styles accompanied by two apprentice tattooists building knowledge fast to become professional in their filed. Mario, Daria and Phil are the residents but the crew is not only them, we also organize guest spots, hosting many forward-thinking tattoo artist from all over Europe.


Highest quality materials

We only use top range inks such as Intense, Eternal, Fusion and World Famous. Our inks are suitable for vegans. All materials are single use. We put the highest effort to provide best quality and hygiene for our customers.